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Motorized Screen Installation

A motorized screen can be one of the best additions to your home theater. Everything can be controlled by remote, allowing you to place the screen down when you are ready to watch a movie, turn on the movie itself, and have the surround sound blaring around you. Before you get too excited about this premium edition, you want to make sure that it is installed properly.

We have professionals who can provide motorized screen installation in NYC so that there is nothing for you to do.

Ensure the Entire Theater Works Together

The motorized screen in NYC, Long Island, or NJ needs to work with your entire theater system. We have the knowledge to provide an installation that works well with all of the other components that you have. This way, the screen can be controlled by remote or by the flick of a wall switch.

We will look at all of the other components that you have an established a full working system. A motorized screen can be a great addition to your home theater and provide you with the premium look, but it needs to work properly. You don’t want to take on the DIY approach, especially if you are not familiar with electrical components.

Our professional team has years of experience, and has worked with all of the top brands. This can give you confidence that we know what we are doing and can provide you with an installation that you can count on for years to come. Should you ever require additional fine-tuning, we are only a phone call away.

Motorized Screens in NY

There are many different types of motorized screens in NY. You want to make sure that you get the best one for your home theater, and for your budget. We are happy to make recommendations to ensure you get the very best, and we will take care of the installation on your behalf.

Whether you require a motorized screen installation in NYC, a motorized screen installation in Long Island, or anywhere else, we can send professionals out to your home. We will provide you with an estimate for the full installation of the screen as well as any other components, such as surround sound speakers, or anything else.

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